Disarmament and International Security

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Ansh Raj


Greetings Delegates!

It gives me great pleasure in inviting you to the 13th session of the Doon School Model United Nations. My name is Ansh Raj, and I will be presiding over the General Assembly’s first committee on Disarmament and International Security.

The advancement of science has been mirrored by an equally rapid development of weapons. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the world’s destruction is now thought to be just a “button’s push” away. Coupling this proliferation is the arms trade between states, which stands as one of the biggest markets in the international theatre and has played a prominent role in spiking tensions across the globe.

At the same time, everyday ravages of terrorism continue to threaten peace across the world, causing unaccountable loss of life and property, along with economic stagnation and political instability. While the global war on terrorism is being espoused by almost all nations, many states have themselves been involved in supplying the terror outfits with arms and funds.

DISEC’s prerogative lies in securing international security primarily though the instrument of disarmament. To this end, the agenda for this year’s committee will be the ‘Regulation of Arms Trade’. Delegates are expected to be well-researched on the topic, and will be judged on their ability to negotiate, lobby and think innovatively. A resolution which provides concrete regulations and is able to cover the loopholes in previous treaties is what the Executive Board will be looking forward to by the end of the three days.

As for myself, I am in my final year of school and pursue the ISC curriculum. I also serve as the Chief Editor of The Doon School Weekly, which is the flagship publication of the school. I deeply enjoy reading, and will happily strike a conversation on anyone from Rabindranath Tagore to John Steinbeck (barring Margaret Atwood and Ayn Rand, of course).

Hope to see you with an umbrella this August in Doon.

Ansh Raj


Disarmament and International Security


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