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Karthik Subbiah

Greetings to all members of ECOSOC, and welcome to DSMUN 2019!

The Universal Declaration Human Rights was adopted in 1948, and it has been the UN’s guiding light since then. Despite this, gross human rights violations occur worldwide. Many of these violations occur at individuals’ place of work. Ideally the government would monitor and eliminate these situations, but often the government has no control over them. Unregulated businesses and enterprises comprise a section of the economy called the ‘shadow economy’, and in some countries, it can account for up to 65% of a country’s GDP. Countries that have large shadow economies are often countries with the most human rights violations. This is scary. The countries with the worst human rights violations cannot deal with them because they have no influence over the entities that are causing them. Evidently, dealing with and eliminating countries’ shadow economies, especially in low-income countries, is an important stepping stone on the arduous part to universal human rights.

Since this is ECOSOC’s sole agenda, committee is expected to arrive at a comprehensive resolution that entails suggestions, implementation, monitoring, and enforcement. Needless to say, each delegate is expected to adhere to the policies of the country they are representing by the letter. Additionally, delegates are expected to have a complete understanding of the agenda, its background, and its implications. In this regard, the background guide is just a starting point for your research. Merely reading the background guide will put you at an acute disadvantage in committee.

I currently pursue the IBDP at school, with my key subjects being History, Math, and Economics. My primary co-curricular interest is music—I play the Santoor, a Classical Indian instrument, and also sing occasionally. I also enjoy quizzes, debates, and of course, MUNs, something I was introduced in my 10th grade. Since then, I have been involved with various MUNs in a multitude of differing roles.

The deputy chairpersons, Nishiketh Gupta and Aryan Kasera, will help me run committee. Please feel free to contact us at the committee email if you have any queries.

Best of Luck. See you in Chandbagh!

Karthik Subbiah


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