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Aarsh Ashdhir

Dear Delegates,

I am absolutely psyched to welcome you all in what is the most powerful military alliance the world has ever seen. My name is Aarsh Ashdhir and I am in-charge this year of creating a truly unforgettable MUN experience for you. I have been participating in MUNs in various capacities and have won numerous awards in the same. I am also an ardent debater and have debated at various school and national level competitions. Apart from that I am deeply passionate about theatre and am currently heading the activity in school. My spare time is spent listening to John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar and Red Hot Chilli peppers or arguing over G.O.T conspiracy theories. I love reading books and am particularly fond of Haruki Murakami. Assisting me in this MUN would be Vedang Patel and Inderveer Singh.

That said, this year we are going to be discussing two very ground-breaking agendas. The first is the discussion on the fate of NATO’s article on collective defence. Made in 1949 to counter the imminent threat of Soviet invasion, ‘the attack against one is an attack against all’ clause is the very backbone of NATO’s founding treaty. However, with years since the end of the Cold War and given that in the 70 years of the treaty’s existence Article 5 has only been evoked once, one begs the question, Is this clause still beneficial? Indeed, in several instances, several European countries have openly propagated their non-commitment to wage a war on behalf of their counterparts. With the US increasingly advocated America first, the longevity of the treaty is put to question.

The second agenda, set in a completely secluded, quiet corner of the world, is one of the most unreported and intricate conflicts of the 21st century. Antarctica is known to have special value due to its potentials in military space monitoring, mineral finding and maritime control. With 7 nations maintaining de-jure territories in Antarctica, Russia and USA reserving the right to claim in the land, and China’s expanding presence in the land; Antarctica is a hotbed for trouble.

Before the start of the committee, I expect you all to have spent time researching beyond just the background guide and familiarizing yourselves with your country’s stance. Any jokes related to Antarctica and ‘ice-breaking’ will be severely penalized. You have been warned. All things aside though I, sincerely hope that you find your voice in this conference and take back something from it.

If you have any doubts please mail me at or get in touch on FB and I will try my best to reply as soon as possible.


Aarsh Ashdhir (As Jens Stoltenberg)

Secretary General

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation


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