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Karanvir Mann


Greetings Members of Parliament and welcome to the Rajya Sabha Session at DSMUN’19!

India has been battling the problem of poverty, inequalities and unemployment since more than a century now which has adversely affected the quality of life of the people of the country. Over the years the causes of poverty might have changed but the problems have not, earlier it was due to the exploitative misrule of the British Raj while now it is due to issues like unemployment and overpopulation. The Universal basic income is a scheme that is capable of reducing poverty, but again it would come at a cost which is very high. Keeping in mind India’s context, the Rajya Sabha at DSMUN’19 would be discussing and debating upon this scheme as its first agenda which is ‘The Universal Basic Income Scheme Act’.

As a nation and as a world, we are witnessing an era of darkness which is characterized with problems which are fatal for the world like deforestation, environment degradation and extinction of wildlife which is why there is a need to protect the environment and save wildlife from extinction. This also comes at a huge cost because laws for the protection of the environment will definitely impact the economy and have an opportunity cost, the upper house would be discussing both perspectives on the issue, as is customary. This comprises the second agenda of the upper house at DSMUN’19 which is ‘Comprehensive ecology, wildlife, environment protection act.’

The committee is expected to discuss various draft bills in detail and either pass or reject them. The members of parliament are expected to follow their parties’ stance on these issues and then accordingly either lobby with the members of parliament to accept their proposal or resist the implementation of the bill. Members can also demonstrate support for individual clauses and not the bill as a whole. Needless to say, all members must strictly adhere to parliamentary language and courteous behaviour. A thorough research and a general understanding of the issues will be essential.

As for me, I currently pursue the ISC curriculum in School, and hold a keen interest in History and Politics, especially that of our nation. Outside the classroom, I have been involved in community service, dramatics and been a member of various clubs and societies related to history and politics in school. I have also taken part in MUNs and other similar conferences, over a span of three years, in various capacities. In addition to this, I enjoy reading about on current affairs. The deputy chairmen—Nirvair Singh and Kartik Singh Rathore—will also help me run the committee.

All delegates are welcome to contact us for any help.

Best of luck and hope to see you soon in Chandbagh!

Karanvir Singh Mann


Rajya Sabha


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