Special Political and Decolonisation Committee

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Armaan Thapar


Greetings Delegates.

The world is not a perfect place. The people trying to better it aren’t either. Bearing this in mind, SPECPOL would like to begin with correcting or amending some of its policies, specifically regarding self-determination, before moving on to providing resolutions on other matters. Currently the only two circumstances under which self-determination is deemed legitimate are when a sect of the society is either oppressed or do not have their interests represented. The committee is expected to debate upon this issue and either change it, amend it or let it be as is.

Moving on to the second agenda, following the fall of president Viktor Yanukovich and rise of Euromaidan and other anti-government campaigns, the already vulnerable state of Ukraine was subjected to several military interventions by the nation of Russia. Taking benefit of the persistent issues within the regions of Ukraine, Russian armed men took control over numerous positions and infrastructure conducting what can be termed as an "annexation" after an illegitimate referendum. Crimea, Belarus and the Donbass region have been under the Russian rule for almost five years now and concrete steps have to be taken in order to guarantee Ukraine the sovereignty that it is entitled.

Needless to say, all members must strictly adhere to parliamentary language and courteous behavior. A thorough research and a general understanding of the issues will be essential.

As for myself, I pursue the ISC curriculum in School with Humanities and Math, while maintaining a keen interest in world affairs. Besides academics, I enjoy playing football and squash, and actively binge watch Netflix and Amazon Prime. In addition to this, I like acting in plays and am currently writing a script for a short film. The Deputy Chairpersons – Jayaditya Singh Dahiya and Sargun Singh – will assist me in running the committee. All delegates are welcome to contact us for any help.

Good luck, and I hope to see you soon at Chandbagh.

Armaan Thapar


Special Political and Decolonisation Committee


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