Union Cabinet of Ministers, 1984

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Paras Gupta


Greetings Members of the Council and welcome to the Union Council of Ministers, 1984 at DSMUN, 2019!

Diversity has always been a defining value of India, with a position for every belief, culture and language in a land of interwoven communities. While such intermixing of cultures and ethnicities demands tolerance among areas of the subcontinent, clashes between conflicting beliefs threatens to divide India further and force a border between what used to be a united front. The Punjab Insurgency brings back recollection of an agitating period where similar dissension ensued as Hindus and Muslims clamored for a land each their own. Within what we perceive now as a united nation, we consider the possibility of demands for a second secession, as the turbulent Bhindranwale moves the Sikhs against the unyielding Indira Gandhi government. Religious confrontation has proved to be the most pressing obstacle for India, leading citizens to violence rather than discourse or discussion. It is our collective duty as the Union Council of Ministers to create this debate and take action upon this crucial issue.

Bearing in mind the context of the nation on 1st June, 1984, Indra Gandhi, The Prime Minister of India, has convened the Union Council of Ministers to discuss ‘Quelling the Civil unrest in Punjab’.

The committee will be in continuous crisis and the stimulus of the discussion will be the Blue Start Operation. The ministers and special members will be expected to debate on the various elements if the unrest and come to a conclusion of how to halt the brutal uprising. Each member is expected to follow his/her stance and then accordingly manipulate or convene on a consensual resolution. To make the committee more interesting, the portfolios will include special invites to provide us with their points of view. The clock is ticking and every hour the terror in Punjab is augmenting, under such circumstance will the council deploy the army, call for peace talks or will have to create a new nation: Khalistan?

It will be assumed that all the members have done extensive research of the context and have a general understanding of the crisis at hand. For the well-being of the members of committee, each individual must strictly adhere to parliamentary language and courteous behavior.

On a personal note, I currently pursue the IBDP curriculum in School, with a keen interest in Sciences and Business world. Outside the four walls of the classroom, one can find me on the hockey field playing for the school team or behind the podium debating. I have also taken part in MUN conferences in various capacities. In addition to this, I enjoy dancing and am an editor of a few school-based publications. On a lighter note, I am a big fan of Barcelona so feel free to start a conversation on the sporting world. The deputy chairpersons—Vedansh Kokra and Vir Bhatia—will help me run the committee.

Best of luck and hope to see you soon in Chandbagh!

Paras Gupta

Indra Gandhi

Union Council Of Ministers, 1984


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