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Karan Sampath


Greetings Delegates!

As the Chairperson of the United Nations Security Council, I would like to welcome you all to DSMUN’19. I am currently pursuing the IB Diploma with my interests ranging from Computer Science to Economics. On a co-curricular front, my main interests are debating, swimming, reading and writing. Apart from this, I have attended and received awards at multiple MUN conferences, and am an avid debater, having won awards and competitions at the international level.

Climate Change is the existential threat facing humanity. It threatens to erase who we are as a species, and it is vital we unite to fight it. In that context, it is simply not enough to rely on unenforceable treaties like the Paris Climate Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol, which have allowed countries like the United States to unilaterally rescind its pledge. Time is running out to solve this problem, and therefore the Security Council must create a more permanent and viable solution. Our second agenda ties into this, with the Arctic, already a victim of the industrialized pollution of the atmosphere, also being subject to an increasing military presence by various nations.

Keeping in mind the nature of our agendas, this year’s the Security Council has been modified to be diverse and include a varied group of countries. Delegates are expected to adapt to the committee and will be judged on their capacity to lobby, their content and their proposed solutions. They are expected to research extensively and provide detailed and concrete solutions that are pragmatic and can be implemented in real life.

Along with deputy chairpersons Adit Chatterjee and Sudhir Chowdhry, I hope to conduct an engaging committee experience from which we all have something to learn. I hope to see you all at Chandbagh in August and hope that you have a memorable MUN experience!

Warm Regards,

Karan Sampath


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