Viceroy’s Executive Council, 1946

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Dhanvi Shukla

Greetings delegates,

Welcome to the Viceroy’s Executive Council, DSMUN 2019.

The Viceroy’s Executive Council deals with a very sensitive issue in the 1940’s, which was the partition and subsequent independence of India. The reason for this sensitivity can be understood as a by-product of the diversity of cultures, religions and ideologies present in the country. 1946 was an instrumental, yet tragic year in Indian history. Instrumental, because this was the year where concrete declarations of independence were made, and for the first time in history, Indians knew that freedom was just on the horizon. 1946 was tragic for various types of reasons, the first and foremost obviously being the tremendous loss of lives in the various riots and mutinies that took place, like the Bihar riots, or the Royal Indian Navy mutiny. The long term effect was, however, far more significant. 1946 signalled the start of a long term communal enmity, both within India, and with Pakistan, that even now, shows no signs of subsiding.

Therefore, in relation to the agenda, the aim of the committee should be to prevent relationships between the two countries, or parties, at the time, from deteriorating to such an extent, while simultaneously reaching a fair and viable solution.

Delegates are expected to discuss and debate the events of Direct Action Day, and suggest solutions to solve problems like the Bihar and Calcutta riots. They are also expected to provide a concrete resolution that deals with the partition of India, as well as the transfer of power from the British government to the Indian Republic, and provide detailed clauses that provide a clear concise picture of the future of the country. There will be continuous updates throughout the committee sessions that may or may not change the outcome of the resolution. A thorough reading of the background guide and a clear understanding of past events will be beneficial to the debate.

Parliamentary language is to be used at all times, and all delegates are expected to strictly adhere to committee guidelines (which can be found in the background guide).

As for me, I currently pursue the ISC curriculum in school, with a keen interest in history, politics and law, especially that of our nation. I have an avid interest in following the current affairs of around the world. I have taken part in MUNs over a span of 4 years, in different capacities. In addition to this I also can be found on the sports field quite often and have represented the school in various cricket tournaments. For those of you who follow football, I am a diehard Manchester United fan and have been for a long time. I will be assisted by my Deputy Chairpersons – Devstutya Pandey and Paarth Tyagi who will help in the smooth functioning of the committee. All delegates are welcome to contact us for help.

Best of luck and hope to see you soon in Chandbagh!

Dhanvi Shukla


Viceroy’s Executive Council, 1946


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